Okay so I woke up in the middle of the night and I remembered this video and then subsequently that video and oh god forgive me this is the worst idea I’ve had in years.

I’m gonna regret tagging this.



Kinjou, can you truly say that you are strong?. The rules of the Inter-High are simple: finish the first, second and third stage in the shortest time possible. The first school to arrive at the finish line wins. It’s a team battle, some will sacrifice themselves to help one man win. But ultimately, the strongest riders will win. Sorry, Kinjou. I am strong.

Kuroko Tetsuya for tyler


sorry.. i saw this and i couldn’t resist. met for the frist time in the long line for the dressing rooms AU


Tru love does exist


This anime is so satisfying, it’s so hard to come up with things to draw.

Astronaut Nagisa is so fun to colour ヽ(`▽´)/

✧ *:・゚ Love Stage!!  *:・゚✧


So I hear Nitori’s animal is a duck huh


don’t lie we all have a fictional character we ship ourselves with


atleast they got icecream


atleast they got icecream